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The Main Street Webworx Story


The story of Main Street Webworx begins with the story of another company, Phoneworx.

“I just want a website …”

Founder Terry Stringer set out to do what many start-ups do: build a website. If you’ve ever searched for a web design firm, you might recognize the obstacles he faced along the way. Here’s what Terry says about his journey to get a website:

This experience was frustrating – lack of communication, unprofessionalism, missed deadlines, outrageous fees and the tendency to overpromise, under-deliver … I knew there was a better way, but that better way didn’t exist.


Sometimes, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself … which is exactly what we did.

We built ourselves.

Step one:  assemble a multi-talented group of diverse professionals who are each the best at what they do. We cast our net far and wide, were extremely picky about who we selected and wound up with a talented team who firmly believed in building better websites.

Step two: we set out to save the world, one website at a time, beginning with the Phoneworx site.

Within four months, rose to the top of Google for its target keywords. That success proved what we had suspected – and hoped for – all along: we possessed unique and in-demand talents that, when combined, had the power to build websites that integrate branding, content writing and creativity at an affordable price.

Thus, Main Street Webworx was born.

Fast forward 12 months …

Success has grown our team and everybody simply adores working here. Turns out, building attention-grabbing, relevant, well-worded websites in a collaborative atmosphere is just plain fun.

After all, someone had to do it.

We’re just glad we got here first.



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